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Hey guys, Kev here! Thanks so much for checking out our game! If you enjoy what we do please support us by following us on twitter and sharing our content with your friends. Join us on our team's Discord to chat with the devs and our friends who made this demo/concept possible! 

Tallara had never set foot on the ground, until he enlisted in the Spirelands Kingdom's Navy. Dispatched aboard the Airship Erebus, he hoped to drop in, throw some wind magic around, and return home to a life of luxury, a war hero. Instead, he's assigned to Flanker Section 33 where he's made to sweep the floors of the flanker berth, among other equally unheroic assignments.

On the frozen continent below, the Strikers of the Illanian Guard push back against a powerful invading army known as the Shuvur. With their brutal ice magic, the enemy has made significant advances into Illanian territory, devastating everything in their path.

Week after week, Tallara is left behind, deemed unready for combat. But strange events begin to unfold aboard the Erebus and his luck takes a turn when he, and two other misfits, Laverna and Magnus, are called to duty under a mysterious new squad leader, a beautiful Striker named Iris. Together, the four of them will dive from safety of the airship into the frozen world below on a special mission to end the war and reclaim their lost world.

Chapters one and two,  Kinetic VN of 11k words. 7 Sprited characters, 3 CGs, 10 original songs, full VO for most characters.

Kevin Bomer    Director
Sandra 'SandraMJ' Molina    Voice Director
Sarchalen Team    Production
Able Kirby    Staff Consultant
Monochrome    Art Coordinator

Kieran Flitton    Tallara
Madeline Dorroh    Laverna
Dan Gold    Magnus
Crystal Lee    Iris
Stan 'Stanpai' Kuschick     D'Aza
Samantha Chan    Sura
Kameron Watson    Bentis
Angela Tran    Ellis
Kenkoy    Intercom
Ariane 'Starleeter' Marchese    Reah
Remi Flinterman    Ace
Jakob Dillon    Comms Officer

Visual Design    
Momoca    Character Design
Kart Prowler    Event CGs
Erezu    Environment Design
Re.Alice    User Interface
Kenta Chiba    Logo Design
Original Soundtrack    
Timothy Adan    
Dalton "GRV" Lafond    
Able Kirby    
Kevin Bomer    
Able Kirby    
Sound Effects    
Beneath The Skies is proud to use sound effects licensed through Creative Commons   including recordings created by:
heyim89yearsold*    nextmaking**
InspectorJ*    mickfire*
kangaroovindaloo*    soundscalpel.com*
timmy_h123*    Sauron974*
32cheeseman32*    Huggy13ear*
qubodup*    RICHERlandTV*
"and made available for public use by freesound.org
 under the follwing creativecommons.org licences"    
*CC BY 3.0    **Sampling+ 1.0
All recordings were adapted from their original format    
Special Thanks    
Tom "PyTom" Rothamel    Renpy.org


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Promising. The game truly is promising on all aspects.  I do thank you for this (little) journey into "Out Lost World Beneath The Skies". It was a real pleasure!